Parliament of Thailand - Consumer Protection Act, 1979


The Parliament of Thailand's Consumer Protection Act, 1979 outlines the provisions for the protection of consumers in relation to goods and services in the country. The act puts forth five basic rights of protection for consumers, namely the right to receive correct and sufficient information and description as to the quality of goods or services; the right to enjoy freedom in the choice of goods or service; the right to expect safety in the use of goods or services; the right to receive a fair contract; and the right to have the injury considered and compensated in accordance with the laws on such matters or with the provision of this act. In addition, the act creates the Consumer Protection Board, to, among many things, consider the complaints from the consumers who suffer hardship or injury resulting from the acts of "the business man". The act outlines consumer protection in three primary areas: advertising, contracts, and labels (picture, design, paper or any other thing causing the statement relating to appear on the goods). The act is divided into several chapters, and covers the following topics:

1. Consumer Protection Board
2. Consumer Protection against Advertising
3. Consumer Protection against Labeling
4. Consumer Protection on Contract
5. Other Types of Consumer Protection
6. Appeal to the Board
7. Penalties

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Tuesday, May 1, 1979
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Parliament of Thailand
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