Parliament of Zambia - Bank of Zambia Act


The Parliament of Zambia's Bank of Zambia Act of 1996 repeals the Bank of Zambia Act of 1985 and the Currcency Act. The act revises the law relating to the composition, duties and powers of the Bank of Zambia and its Board. In addition, the act revises and consolidates the law relating to the issuance of the currency of the Republic and the formulation and implementation of a monetary policy that will ensure the maintenance of price stability, and provides for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. The act is divided into several parts, and covers the following topics:

1. Bank of Zambia
2. Administration of the Bank
3. Monetary Units, Notes and Coins
4. International. Reserve and Foreign Exchange Operations
5. The Bank’s Relations with Banks and Financial Institutions
6. The Bank’s Relations with Government

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Thursday, December 12, 1996
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Parliament of Zambia
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