Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda - Order No. 18/03 - Establishing the National Payment System Council


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda's Order No. 18/03 creates the Nation Payment Council for the country. The Council is tasked with the responsibilities to determine and manage a modern national payment system strategy and provide policy development and guidelines for a payment system in Rwanda. It composed of a various governmental officials and representatives of banks, micro finance institutions, and telecommunication companies that operate in the country. The order is divided into several articles, and sets forth provisions on the following topics:

1. Mission of the Council
2. Responsibilities of the Council
3. Composition of the Council
4. Appointment of the Members the Council
5. Meetings of the Members of the Council
6. Minutes of the Meetings of the Council
7. Decision Making of the Council
8. Facilitation to the Council
9. Authority Responsible for the Implementation of this Order
10. Repealing of Inconsistent Provisions

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Monday, September 28, 2009
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Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda
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