Regulation for the Disclosure of Information and Advertisement of Products and Financial Services


This regulates the disclosure of information and advertisement of financial products. Advertisement which makes reference to interest rates or payments must also reference the effective cost of credit. From the consumer’s perspective, the effective cost of credit is the discounted annualized rate, whose value equals the positive and negative flows which he will incur to obtain credit. This cost is independent to the services offered by the financial entity or any other credit lending body.

A piece of publicity shall be deemed as deceiving or false if it fails to follow the principles of veracity, clarity, and legibility, as described in the document. All entities supervised by the General Financial Entities Regulator must accept all claims or complaints presented by its clients. The financial entity is responsible for hiring and training staff to attend clients’ concerns.

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Reglamento Sobre Divulgación de Información y Publicidad de Productos y Servicios Financieros
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Monday, February 27, 2012
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General Financial Entities Regulator of Costa Rica
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