Regulation of Group Insurance for the Operation of Life and Collective Insurance Covering Accidents and Diseases


The regulations provide guidelines to monitors Group and Collective Insurance. The total premium charged to a group or collective will be calculated according to the guidelines established in the technical notes.  This will be recalculated at the expiration of each contract. The firm's dividends can only be calculated based on the profits which result from the difference between the net premiums and occurred accidents. 

The insurance company shall also have a list of financial and personal information of all its insured members, including the clients' name, date of birth, insured sum and insurance plan. The insurance company will be able to renovate a collective Insurance contract only if this extension is equal to or less than a year.

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Reglamento del Seguro de Grupo para la Operación de Vida y del Seguro Colectivo para la Operación de Accidentes y Enfermedades.
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Monday, July 20, 2009
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Presidency of Mexico
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