Regulations on the Minimum Requirements for the Management, Implementation and Control of Information Technology Risks, and other Technology Related Resources Associated with Financial Entities


When making use of new  technology, all financial institutions must go through a testing phase before such technology is used for mass consumer transactions. All software used to store information should not compromise the privacy of clients. All institutions should follow this set of guidelines when using electronic identification devices, such as tokens or dynamic passwords. 

Entities must require customers to change their tokens or other electronic devices every three, six or ten years, depending on the level of security which the device provides. These institutions should replace devices immediately after a case of theft, loss or damage. They are similarly asked to have transactional monitoring mechanisms to detect, prevent and react to events of fraud.



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Normas Sobre Requisitos Minimos de Gestion, Implementation y Control de los Riesgos Relacionados con la Tecnologia Informatica, Sistemas de Informacion y Recursos Asociados para Entidades Financieras
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina
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