Report for Inaugural Communications Consumer Parliament


The Consumer Parliament is one of the key initiatives of the Uganda Communications Commission in fulfilment of its Consumer protection mandate in Uganda. The Inaugural Communications Consumer Parliament was held on the 13th March 2014 and it aimed at providing a levelled platform for consumers, service providers, policymakers and regulators to interact and debate issues and challenges, and agree on a way forward for the communications sector. The Consumer Parliament was organised by the Uganda Communications Commission in conjunction with the Consumer Advocacy organizations.

The Inaugural Consumer Parliament was designed to coincide the World Consumer rights Day held every March 15th and came at a time when there were several issues affecting communications consumers. The inaugural parliament provided the consumer with an opportunity to present a petition highlighting critical issues affecting them such as unsolicited messages, billing anomalies and issues related to quality of service.

The Parliament was attended by over 300 participants from different backgrounds including Academia, service providers, civil society, media houses, regulators, Government Ministries, Civil Society Organisations and the general public.

The main debate engaged three lead panels; the Consumer panel, the Service provider panel and the Regulators panel. These panels were composed of their heads and technical staff. The debate was later opened to the plenary. The Regulator panel composed of Legal, Economic Regulation, Research, Technology and Public Relations staff, while the Service Providers Panel composed of their CEO or the representatives.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Uganda Communications Commission
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