Rule on the Management and Evaluation of Credit Risk for the System of Development Banking


This rule establishes the prudential regulations for financial intermediaries operating in the Development Banking System. Intermediaries will be regulated by the General Regulator of Financial Entities (SUGEF). 

The Development Banking System is the part of the financial sector which promotes investment projects in the production sector of Costa Rica. The efforts of the Development Banking System are focused towards businesses which may have difficulties accessing traditional credit lines.

Each supervised entity has the responsibility of managing its own activities, and must be able to identify, quantify, evaluate and control their own credit risk. This process must actively monitor the evolving risks of its business lines. 


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Reglamento Sobre Gestión y Evaluación del Riesgo de Crédito para el Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo
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Thursday, May 14, 2015
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National Council for the Supervision of the Financial System of Costa Rica
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