Southern African Development Community (SADC) - Financial Systems - Structures, Policies and Markets


The Southern African Development Community (SADC) report intends to provide a basis for closer co-operation in the area of central banking in the region of the SADC. The report provides information on the financial systems, specifically the structures, policies and markets of the central/reserve banks of the member nations in the SADC.

The SADC is composed of the following central/reserve banks:

1. National Bank of Angola
2. Bank of Botswana
3. Central Bank of Congo
4. Central Bank of Lesotho
5. Reserve Bank of Malawi
6. Bank of Mauritius
7. Bank of Mozambique
8. Bank of Namibia
9. Central Bank of Seychelles
10. South African Reserve Bank
11. Central Bank of Swaziland
12. Bank of Tanzania
13. Bank of Zambia
14. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

For each SADC central/reserve bank the following topics are covered:

1. History/Background
2. Relationship with Government
3. Determination and Implementation of the Monetary Policy
4. Structure of the Financial Markets
5. Supervision of Financial Institution
6. External Payment Arrangements
7. Currency Convertibility and Exchange Control
8. The Central Bank and External Debt
9. National Payment System, Clearing and Settlement System
10. Currency In Use
11. The Position of the Central Bank in the SADC
12. Publications
13. Organizational Structure of Central Bank

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