Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority - The Electronic and Postal Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2011


The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority's Electronic and Postal Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2011 revokes the Tanzania Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2005. The regulations apply to electronic and postal communications licensees in the country, and provide the minimum standards of service and conduct by the licenees to establish the consumer protection of electronic and postal communication services. The document focuses on three main topics: Information and Terms of Contract to Consumers, Complaints Handling, and Customer Call Centre and Walk-In Centers. Specifically, the regulations set forth provisions on the following subjects:

1. Products and Services Information
2. Obligations of Licensee
3. Protection of Consumer Information
4. Promotions and Advertising of Services
5. Complaints of Broadcasting Nature
6. Consumer Billing, Charging, Collection and Credit Practices
7. Consumer Obligations
8. Licensee Complaint Handling Processes
9. Requirements for Establishing Call Centers and Walk-In Centers
10. Penalties

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Friday, December 9, 2011
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Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
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