Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority - The Electronic and Postal Communications (Mobile Number Portability) Regulations, 2011


The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority's Electronic and Postal Communications (Mobile Number Portability) Regulations, 2011 apply to all electronic communication operators in relation to telecommunication numbering resources. The regulations govern the mobile number porting process, outlining the requirements for such facets of the process as the costs, quality of services, dispute resolution, and operator's obligations. The regulations focus on three main topics: The Mobile Number Portability, Number Porting Procedures, Clearinghouse, and Associated Charges, and General Provisions of the Regulations. Specifically, the regulations set forth provisions on the following subjects:

1. Powers of the Authority
2. Number Porting Approach, Solutions and Conditions
3. Status of a Ported Number
4. Changing from One Mobile Network Operator to Another
5. Number Portability Clearinghouse Obligations
6. Licensee’s Obligations on Number Portability
7. Charges to Cover the Number Portability Clearing House Administration
8. Costs for Porting Numbers
9. Quality of Services
10. Non-Discriminatory Treatment
11. Dispute Resolution
12. Penalties

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Friday, December 9, 2011
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Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
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