Myanmar (Burma)

  • In order for e-Government system to be successfully implemented under comprehensive strategies and policies, framework and structures, Ministry of communication and information technology (previous) has started the preparation of Myanmar e-Governance Master Plan in 2014, with financial and technological assistance of ADB and Infosys Limited, India, along with the cooperation of government agencies, ministries, businesses, research teams, agencies, local and international ICT/ e-Government specialists plus analytical study on related international experiences.
  • The objectives of this Law are to enable to support the modernization and development of the nation with telecommunications technology; to enable to bring out Telecommunications Services that will be able to provide high quality and worthy services to the users by allowing fair and transparent competitions from domestic and abroad in the telecommunications sector which is developing; to enable to give more opportunities to the general public to use Telecommunications Service by expanding the Telecommunications Network in the entire country along with the telecommunications technology which is developing; to enable to protect the Telecommunications Service providers and users in accord with law; to enable to supervise Telecommunications Service, Network Facilities and Telecommunications Equipments which require license for national peace and tranquility and for public security.
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