De-risking And Financial Inclusion: Challenges and Solutions

November 1, 2017
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09h00 EDT / 13h00 UTC
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This webinar will look at the ralatively recent phenomenon of derisking and and its impact on Financial Inclusion.  Derisking has resulted in remittances to emerging countries being blocked, affecting these economies and their DFS systems.

Topics to be Covered:
- Overview of the problem
- Ecosystem
- Who is driving De-risking
- What is driving De-risking
- Who is impacted
- Solutions in the Market

Michael Wechsler

Michael Wechsler, Esq. is the senior research scholar at the DFSO in Columbia Business School's Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. He is an intellectual property attorney, mobile and web technology expert and entrepreneur. Prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web, he co-founded EastNet, Inc., one of earliest global bulletin boards and Internet service providers. Shortly thereafter, Michael founded LLC, which was later acquired by a venture capital firm and reacquired the asset later and continued its operation into a well recognized legal help website and law dictionary app that has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. He subsequently served as the Director of Legal and Business Affairs at, a leading trend setting company in Silicon Alley and later joined Kroll Ontrack, LLC, serving as a legal consultant assisting AmLaw Top 100 law firms and Fortune companies at one of the most prominent e-discovery and computer forensics service providers.

Michael later returned to his Internet and telecommunications roots becoming SVP of IDT Inc.’s Internet Mobile Group. While at IDT, Michael was responsible for the acquisition and subsequent explosive growth of Zedge, one of the world’s largest user generated mobile content communities and most popular mobile apps. In addition to being a research scholar at Columbia Business School, Michael is currently of counsel to Kaplan, Williams & Graffeo, LLC. He also provides web, mobile and search engine optimization assistance as a moderator and Top Contributor for Google’s Webmaster Central.



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