Digital Identity Trends & Impact On Financial Inclusion

June 1, 2017
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6.30 AM US EST / 10:30 AM GMT/UTC
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This webinar will explore the latest trends in Digital Identity generally, and the implications in Financial Inclusion.

Presenter: Paul Makin, Head of Financial Inclusion at Consult Hyperion

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Paul is active in the specification, development and operation of DFS services in emerging markets since 2004, when he was the co-creator of the M-PESA mobile money service. He offers significant experience of deploying innovative DFS services and solutions as well as an in-depth understanding of considered operational and information security best practice within the global retail payments industry. He was responsible for incorporating such best practice into the design of the TAP service in Nigeria and the M-PESA service in Kenya. His varied work in the financial inclusion space has been at the two extremes, including: the at-the-coalface KYC registration of farmers with limited identity documentation in remote rural Nigeria; on-the-ground analysis of the use of identity (Aadhaar) for safety net programs in India; strategies for identity management, AML and privacy for recipients of remittances in Somalia; development of the business case for financial inclusion for a UK fintech operator; analysis of the use of digital identity for financial inclusion for the World Bank; and digital identity strategies for financial inclusion in South Africa.



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