Webinar: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies & Financial Inclusion

July 24, 2017
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9.00 AM US EST / 1:30 PM GMT/UTC
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Webinar - Online

Dr. Leon PerlmanWebinar on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies and their use for Financial Inclusion

Presenter: Dr Leon Perlman, Head, DFS Observatory, Columbia Business School


Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a new type of secure database or ledger for keeping track of who owns a financial, physical, or electronic asset, but without the need for a centralized controller of this data. Instead, the data is shared in a peer-to-peer manner across multiple sites, countries, or institutions

A prime example of a DLT in commercial use is called ‘blockchain’ technology. It has the potential to:

  • Speed up and reduce the cost of transactions
  • Give individuals more control over their personal data
  • Reduce or remove the need for costly intermediaries
  • Provide secure ‘smart’ legal contracts that execute without user intervention
  • Bolster data security by providing almost real-time evidence of tampering, and
  • Revolutionize regulatory compliance.

This webinar is an introductory primer to all these technologies and their application in financial inclusion. It will touch on:

  • Their numerous strengths and weaknesses
  • The varied commercial and public-good applications that have been identified The implications of the disintermediation of traditional centralized controllers of data
  • Concerns in respect of the technology designs and their consistency
  • Issues in implementation and usage Security of DLTs
  • A sample of evolving legal and regulatory challenges and uncertainties around DLTs
  • Applications that may be particularly useful for financial inclusion, including remittances & identity systems, clearing and settlement, and land registration.


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