Nora Gurung

Senior Research Associate

Nora Asha Gurung is a Research Associate at the Digital Financial Services Observatory (DFSO) in the Columbia Institute of Tele-Information, Columbia Business School. Her work includes developing model laws and regulations, and policy papers on Digitial Financial Services. Nora has been actively involved in hosting DFSO’s popular webinar series and one of her current projects includes a paper studying the opportunities and challenges of RegTech adoption.

Prior to joining DFSO, Nora conducted research on the effectiveness of technology in emerging markets and analyzed impact of policies. She has worked with social entrepreneurs as well as telecommunication, financial and legal actors in Nepal through the Archimedes Project, UNDP and greentick Nepal. She also initiated a financial inclusion project called Artha: Finance for Young Minds to promote financial literacy among young adults.

Nora graduated from Cornell University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Information Science. She aspires to continue exploring the complex connection between individuals, economies, and technology to push businesses, institutions, and communities forward.

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