QoS and QoE Aspects of Digital Financial Services

May 1, 2016

This Report summarizes the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) aspects of Digital Financial Services (DFS) as concluded by the ITU-T Focus Group on Digital Financial Services (FG DFS). Guidance and suggestions are provided for stakeholders involved in DFS taking into account regulatory and consumer related aspects. It analyses different use cases and the applicability of currently available standards.

The report details that persisting problems with the KPIs basic functionalities of a mobile network need to be resolved by the stakeholders in the interest of any mobile service and are therefore out of scope of QoS-for-DFS-considerations. Since the number of technical KPI is overwhelming and target values cannot be set on a global level, the report provides a novel scheme, which enables stakeholders in any region or country to assess the fitness of networks, terminals, users, DFS implementations and society / government of the use of DFS implementations. In addition, a motivation for future KPIs is discussed from a technology-agnostic point of view.

This Technical Report was written by Joachim Pomy and Wolfgang Balzer. Special thanks to Jan Holub and Peter Pocta for their helpful review and contribution.

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