Role of Postal Networks in Digital Financial Services

October 1, 2016

Postal operators have a long tradition of offering financial services. This report explores the current and potential role of postal networks in the emerging digital financial services (DFSs) ecosystem. The report investigates five separate models by which today’s postal networks are involved in the ecosystem: two as support services, and three as direct providers of DFSs. This report also covers three new ways for posts to be involved in the ecosystem: as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), an interoperability platform, and as an eCommerce facilitator.

This Technical Report was written by the following authors, contributors, and reviewers: The authors of this Technical Report are Nils Clotteau, David Avsec and Yury Grin. Contributions were received from the members of the FG DFS Ecosystem Working Group and, in specific, from Antony Chigaazira, Sergey Dukelskiy, Anil Gupta, Viktor Nosov, Alexandre Rodrigues, Ricardo D. Valencia, and Graham Wright. This Technical Report was reviewed by the Focus Group Digital Financial Services.

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